Our Class RATES

Starter Package

Registration Fee$20
3 Individual Sessions$110 per session

This is a great way for new clients to begin their Pilates experience. Thereafter you can choose to either continue taking lessons in a private setting (Individual & Duet Sessions) or in a group (Group Mat Classes).


Individual Sessions

Registration Fee$20
1 Session$140 per session
10 Session package$120 per session

DUET Sessions

Registration Fee$20
1 Session$90 per person, per session
10 Session package$85 per person, per session


Registration Fee$20
1 Class$35 per class
10 Class package$30 per class

* All prices in Singapore Dollars

Studio Special Promotion

All registrations fees are waived!
Curious to try out Pilates? Special trial sessions can be arranged for you!
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To find out more about our classes & rates, drop us a call at
6469 4126 or email us at info@thepilatesflow.com.sg

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Pilates Flow @ 2nd has the perfect
environment and space for a nice
refreshing pilates class. Highly
Eelen G.
Great attention to detail and feels like a
custom tailored€ experience that constantly
challenges you.
Norman H.
Good equipment, Great environment, Better Experience.
Tim Oh.
The instructors at Pilates Flow are passionate about Pilates and that makes the difference.
Vanesse Y.
I am more stable and stronger in my upper body. I have also seen a significant reduction in size of my thighs, with a more lengthened muscle shape. I will keep at it!.
Michelle H.
It has been a wonderful journey so far for my body and my understanding of it. My instructors have been instrumental in helping tone and strengthening me. Thank you Pilates Flow!.
Hanin A.
Muscles were working in my body that I had never felt before! Truly amazing and eye-opening..
Candice A.
The instructors here are top notch. They take the time to correct each and every student’s mistakes.
Joey Q.