Here at Pilates Flow, our instructors are certified in the True Pilates method from the school of Romana Kryzanowska, to whom the responsibility of running Joseph Pilates studio and continuing his work was entrusted to after his passing. Each has undergone no less than 800 hours of apprenticeship in one of the most vigorous and extensive teaching training programs in the world, in order to provide you a safe and effective workout experience.

Our instructors also go for regular continuing education courses so that you can be confident of getting a consistent quality of training.

pilates studio in singapore - instructor song

Song Young

pilates studio in singapore - annie

Annie Yeo

pilates studio in singapore - instructor karen

Karen Hew

pilates studio in singapore - instructor christina

Christina Abraham

pilates studio in singapore - instructor armand

Armand Bautista

Song Young

From a young age, Song has developed a strong interest for sports and fitness. With a background in various athletic endeavors ranging from martial arts to inline hockey, he further developed his passion during his university days in the United States by graduating with a degree in Sports Science.

Upon returning home and experiencing first-hand the amazing changes that Pilates has brought about to his own body, Song was inspired to undergo the teacher training program at The Pilates method Studio in Sydney under the tutelage of Cynthia Lochard. After an extensive and grueling apprenticeship period that spanned over a year and a half, he became a certified instructor under the True Pilates method through Romana Kryzanowska.

Song aims to preserve the integrity in Joseph’s original work, and truly believes in the vast range of improvements that the Pilates method brings to people’s bodies.From overall fitness, athletic performance, to movement-based rehabilitation, Song believes that the work speaks for itself through the embodiment of the Pilates lifestyle that he makes his mission to instill in his clients.

Song is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve his knowledge of the method.

Annie Yeo

Annie Yeo worked as a certified auditor upon graduation and later, an accountant. She began attending regular Pilates lessons while living in Sydney, in 2002. Since then, she has been intrigued by this seemingly subtle, yet powerful exercise system. Eager to share the benefits of Pilates, Annie decided to become an instructor of the method. She trained for a year under Cynthia Lochard at The Pilates method Studio. After a rigorous certification course, she completed her apprenticeship and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 2003.

Annie taught at Cynthia’s studio in Sydney for over a year, gaining valuable experience under her astute guidance. When she returned to Singapore in 2004, she joined Classic Pilates and has been sharing this authentic method with those at home since. After taking a break following the birth of her second child in 2009, she came back to teach in Pilates Flow and hopes to continue helping her clients attain their fitness goals and relieving their body aches through this mind-body fitness methodology.

Annie is grateful for her pursuit in Pilates as it allows her to spend more time with her precious little ones and at the same time, gives her the opportunity to continue to enrich her life as well as others in the way that only Pilates can.

Annie is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Karen Hew

Karen’s journey into the world of Pilates started with her search to find a comprehensive exercise method to develop her fitness, flexibility and strength that does cause stress in her joints.

Through the True Pilates method, she found an ingenious exercise programme that not only helped her achieve those goals, but also gave her an awakened sense of body awareness and posture. Being enamored by Joseph Pilates exercise system, she entered its apprenticeship program. After an intensive 15 month process, she became an instructor in the True Pilates method, receiving her certification from Cynthia Lochard.

Continually being amazed by how the True Pilates method has, and is still, improving her body, Karen strives to reach out to as many people as she can so they can reap the same benefits as she has gained for herself.

Karen is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Christina Abraham

Christina Abraham has always enjoyed keeping physically active and pursued hobbies like running, wakeboarding and working out at the gym. However, she started experiencing chronic pain in her neck and shoulders in her early 20s. Seeking ways to relieve the pain brought her to the True Pilates method.

Over time, the muscles around her neck and shoulders strengthened and the aches went away. Along with that came a heightened sense of physical awareness, improved posture and a more supple body.

A desire to help people on a personal level to attain stronger and flexible bodies led Christina to leave her career in banking to become a True Pilates method instructor. She was impressed that it is a form of exercise beneficial for everyone young or old, male or female, athletes in their prime or even those with injuries. She began an intensive 16 month apprenticeship programme under the mentorship of Zein Chahine and received her certification from Juanita Lopez.

Christina is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Armand Bautista

An all-around athlete, Armand has always been a serious student of physical fitness, embracing various sports and regimens in his quest for the ultimate strength, endurance, and flexibility workout. He first tried Pilates in 2004 and has since been convinced of the strength, stamina and definition it gives the body through its powerhouse-strengthening exercises.

Armand trained in New York under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, and has faithfully carried out Joseph Pilates method of instruction all these years.

Using the True Pilates method and with the aid of various Pilates apparatus, his lifelong goal is in guiding his clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Armand is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve his knowledge of the method.

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Pilates Flow @ 2nd has the perfect
environment and space for a nice
refreshing pilates class. Highly
Eelen G.
Great attention to detail and feels like a
custom tailored experience that constantly
challenges you.
Norman H.
Good equipment, Great environment, Better Experience.
Tim Oh.
The instructors at Pilates Flow are passionate about Pilates and that makes the difference.
Vanesse Y.
I am more stable and stronger in my upper body. I have also seen a significant reduction in size of my thighs, with a more lengthened muscle shape. I will keep at it!.
Michelle H.
It has been a wonderful journey so far for my body and my understanding of it. My instructors have been instrumental in helping tone and strengthening me. Thank you Pilates Flow!.
Hanin A.
Muscles were working in my body that I had never felt before! Truly amazing and eye-opening..
Candice A.
The instructors here are top notch. They take the time to correct each and every student’s mistakes.
Joey Q.