Our Pilates Classes

Here at Pilates Flow, we offer sessions suited to cater for your goals. For any type of body, and for all experience levels.

To find out more about our Pilates sessions, drop us a call at

6469 4126

Individual Sessions
Duet Sessions
Group Mat Classes


Individual Sessions

In an Individual Session, your workout will consist of using the various Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer, Cadillac, Chairs, etc, under the one-on-one supervision of an instructor. You will learn how to get the best results from each exercise through the Pilates principles as you transition from basic to intermediate and advanced routines.As your strength and skill level increases, so will the challenges in your workouts. Your instructor will take you through each 1-hour session with your safety and fitness goals in mind, and will address the specific needs that your body requires to maximize your results through the Pilates method.

DUET Sessions

Grab a partner and come for a Pilates workout! Structured much like an Individual Session, Duet Sessions let you pair up with a partner as you progress in your knowledge and skill in Pilates together. Great for couples and friends who share similar fitness interests!


Unlike other fitness centers that try to pack as many people into a class as possible, here at Pilates Flow, we keep our Group Mat classes small (8 people maximum). This personal environment ensures that you are getting the required attention by our instructors in order to have a safe and beneficial workout.Each 45-minute class takes you through various series of Pilates matwork exercises utilizing proper transitions and flow, and occasional use of props such as the Magic Circle and light hand weights.

Group Mat Class Schedules

Mat class attendees are required to have a basic understanding and proficiency in the Pilates principles of movement. As such, a minimum of 3 Individual Sessions with our instructors are required before joining a group class. This is to ensure your safety and maximise your benefits. Individuals with prior experience in other True Pilates method studios are welcome to join our Group Mat classes as well.

Monday9:00 am
Tuesday8:30 am
Wednesday7:00 pm
Friday9:30 am
Saturday11:00 am
Sunday10:00 am

Group Mat classes are limited to 8 people max per class. You are required to call the studio one day in advance at 6469 4126 to book in a slot for your desired class. No walk-ins are allowed.

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Pilates Flow @ 2nd has the perfect
environment and space for a nice
refreshing pilates class. Highly
Eelen G.
Great attention to detail and feels like a
custom tailored experience that constantly
challenges you.
Norman H.
Good equipment, Great environment, Better Experience.
Tim Oh.
The instructors at Pilates Flow are passionate about Pilates and that makes the difference.
Vanesse Y.
I am more stable and stronger in my upper body. I have also seen a significant reduction in size of my thighs, with a more lengthened muscle shape. I will keep at it!.
Michelle H.
It has been a wonderful journey so far for my body and my understanding of it. My instructors have been instrumental in helping tone and strengthening me. Thank you Pilates Flow!.
Hanin A.
Muscles were working in my body that I had never felt before! Truly amazing and eye-opening..
Candice A.
The instructors here are top notch. They take the time to correct each and every student’s mistakes.
Joey Q.