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Here at Pilates Flow @2nd, our instructors are certified in the True Pilates method from the school of Romana Kryzanowska, to whom the responsibility of running Joseph Pilates studio and continuing his work was entrusted to after his passing. Each has undergone no less than 800 hours of apprenticeship in one of the most vigorous and extensive teaching training programs in the world, in order to provide you a safe and effective workout experience.

Our instructors also go for regular continuing education courses so that you can be confident of getting a consistent quality of training.

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Song Young

Annie Yeo

Karen Hew

Hong Chin Neo

Armand Bautista

Cheryl Doraisamy

Nina Shchemenok

Valerie Gennatas

Song Young

From a young age, Song has developed a strong interest for sports and fitness. With a background in various athletic endeavors ranging from martial arts to inline hockey, he further developed his passion during his university days in the United States by graduating with a degree in Sports Science.

Upon returning home and experiencing first-hand the amazing changes that classical Pilates has brought about to his own body, Song was inspired to undergo the teacher training program at The Pilates Method Studio in Sydney under the tutelage of Cynthia Lochard. After an extensive and grueling apprenticeship period that spanned over a year and a half, he became a certified instructor under the True Pilates method through Romana Kryzanowska.

Song aims to preserve the integrity in Joseph’s original work, and truly believes in the vast range of improvements that the Pilates method brings to people’s bodies.From overall fitness, athletic performance, to movement-based rehabilitation, Song believes that the work speaks for itself through the embodiment of the Pilates lifestyle that he makes his mission to instill in his clients.

Song is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve his knowledge of the method.

Annie Yeo

Annie Yeo worked as a certified auditor upon graduation and later, an accountant. She began attending regular classical Pilates lessons while living in Sydney, in 2002. Since then, she has been intrigued by this seemingly subtle, yet powerful exercise system.

Eager to share the benefits of Pilates, Annie decided to become an instructor of the method. She trained for a year under Cynthia Lochard at The Pilates Method Studio. After a rigorous certification course, she completed her apprenticeship and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 2003. Ever since then, Annie has continued to help her clients attain their fitness goals and relieving their body aches through this mind-body fitness methodology.

Annie is grateful for her pursuit in classical Pilates as it allows her to spend more time with her precious little ones and at the same time, gives her the opportunity to continue to enrich her life as well as others in the way that only Pilates can.

Annie is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Karen Hew

Karen’s journey into the world of classical Pilates started with her search to find a comprehensive exercise method to develop her fitness, flexibility and strength to remedy the stress in her joints.

Through the True Pilates method, she found an ingenious exercise program that not only helped her achieve those goals, but also gave her an awakened sense of body awareness and posture. Being enamored by Joseph Pilates’ exercise system, she entered the True Pilates certification program. After an intensive 15 month process, she became an instructor in the True Pilates method, receiving her certification from Cynthia Lochard.

Continually being amazed by how the classical Pilates method has, and is still, improving her body, Karen strives to reach out to as many people as she can so they can reap the same benefits as she has gained for herself.

Karen is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Hong Chin Neo

A dancer by profession and dance educator in schools and studios, Hong Chin was first introduced to classical Pilates in 2006 and was intrigued by how it brings her body awareness to an entirely different level.

Determined to further her knowledge in the method, she decided to go undergo the True Pilates certification program from Romana Kryzanowska.

During her 16 months certification, she had the honor to be taught by a number of notable teacher-trainers, namely Jerome Weinberg, Majorie Orono, Cynthia Lochard and Juanita Lopez.

Recognising the positive effects of improved posture, body alignment and strength, Hong Chin wish to impart her knowledge of classical Pilates to help others enjoy its vast benefits.

Hong Chin is a certified Level V instructor and continuously strive to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Armand Bautista

An all-around athlete, Armand has always been a serious student of physical fitness, embracing various sports and regimens in his quest for the ultimate strength, endurance, and flexibility workout. He first tried classical Pilates in 2004 and has since been convinced of the strength, stamina and definition it gives to the body.

Armand trained in New York  in the True Pilates method under the tutelage of Romana Kryzanowska, and has faithfully carried out Joseph Pilates’ method of instruction all these years.

With the knowledge of classical Pilates and its various apparatus, his lifelong goal is in guiding his clients in achieving their fitness goals.

Armand is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve his knowledge of the method.

Cheryl Doraisamy

Cheryl was an athlete in her younger days until she sustained a knee injury during university, which put a stop to her participation in competitive tennis. But it was after having her fourth child, that her injuries became so apparent that pain impeded her daily activities and movements.

Determined to remedy her situation,  she pursued classical Pilates in hopes of fixing her injuries. Amazed by the results and falling in love with its effectiveness, she pursued the teacher-training program in the True Pilates method by Romana Kryzanowska, so that she can help others to have pain-free movement too.

After an apprenticeship period of over 1000 hours, Cheryl received her certification from Cynthia Lochard.

Cheryl is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

Nina Shchemenok

Coming from a family with an athletic background, Nina started her sport experience as a figure skater and a short-track speed skater for the Russian National Team. After a long-standing professional career in sports, she switched over to the fitness industry in 2003 with an honors degree in Sports Science.

It was then Nina was introduced to Pilates for the first time. Its ability to help her recover from her old sports injuries led her to fall quickly in love with this type of fitness method. Believing that classical Pilates to be a simple, clear and extremely effective approach to changing the body, Nina became motivated to embark in Pilates as the sole focus in her career.

After a lengthy apprenticeship period in both Moscow and New York with the True Pilates school, she obtained her classical Pilates certification in 2016.

Nina is a certified Level V instructor and continues to deepen her knowledge and skills.

Valerie Gennatas

Valerie comes from a solid background in physical education including martial arts, aerobics and strength training disciplines. After the birth of her second child she experienced severe lower back pain which was not remedied by her normal fitness regimen.

After a friend advised her to try classical Pilates, Valerie started training under the guidance of True Pilates teachers to find relief from her pain, which in turn inspired her undergo a teaching certification in Pilates as well in 2004.

After an extensive apprenticeship journey under the tutelage of Marjorie Oron, Valerie received her certification from Sari Mejia-Santo, Romana Kryzanowska‘s daughter. Believing fully in the transformative power of the Pilates method, she remains dedicated to maintaining the classical work and imparting her knowledge to her clients.

Valerie is a certified Level V Instructor and continuously strives to increase and improve her knowledge of the method.

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  • My husband and I have been practising pilates at Pilatesflow for almost five years. Pilatesflow is where we started pilates, formed our basics and saw ourselves improving month by month.

    Song is an excellent instructor, who is always able to give clear instructions. He is very focused on the foundation/basics of pilates and only move on after that has been formed. He is strict but gentle. He understands what our bodies require at each class, and teach his class with that knowledge in mind. His classes are usually full of flow, and he connects one move to another, as if we are in a dance sequence. He is also a very encouraging instructor. At the end of the class, we often feel worked out and fullfilled.

    We have also taken classes with the other instructors at Pilatesflow who are all fantastic. Valérie is dynamic and energetic. Arman is concise and friendly. The studio is also always kept clean and tidy.

    We highly recommend Pilatesflow to beginners who are looking to start their pilates journey, intermediate who want to improve further and perhaps even, the more advanced, who would like a pointer or two from the experts at Pilatesflow.

    Lin Li Seah Avatar Lin Li Seah

    Great classes. The studio is clean and comfortable, and all the Instructors are very skilled and knowledgeable. The one on one classes are personalised to really address your specific health and fitness needs and goals.

    Michelle Chong Avatar Michelle Chong

    Well equipped, Clean and peaceful studio with Attentive , knowledgeable and professional instructors.

    I have been with Pilates Flow for 3 years, attended both 1-1 and mat classes, instructors were not only encouraging and patient, they are all amazingly attentive to the details, both by making sure that I am working out the right core muscle in the right way and giving us specific instruction on how to achieve results of each exercise. Since I have started my lessons I no longer have backaches and feel great. ?⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Serene Chan Avatar Serene Chan
  • The studio offers a clean and cozy environment. It stays true to classical Pilates ( i.e. the original teachings of Joseph Pilates) It also keeps the Pilates Mat classes small with a maximum of six students to ensure personalised feedback and focus. I enjoyed the Pilates Mat class as it helps to ease the stiffness of my shoulders and lower back after a long day at work, as well as strengthening and toning my body.

    Angie Zoë Zhang Avatar Angie Zoë Zhang

    excellent for one-on-one classes... great environment .. not rushed nor noisy..

    Heather Huang Avatar Heather Huang

    New way of doing Pilates for me. Love it! Great workout, conditioning, and re-learn about my body!

    Thank you.

    Chinami Stern Avatar Chinami Stern
  • This studio offers the highest level of Pilates training. The teachers are wonderful and very skilled.

    Amanda Westphal Owens Avatar Amanda Westphal Owens

    Excellent teachers that go hand in hand with postural strengthening, health and wellness. Will always refer clients to them for advanced core strengthening. Thumbs up!

    Mark Enriquez Avatar Mark Enriquez

    I'm a classical pilates instructor myself and I find that the Instructors here stay true to Joseph pilates work. Great work outs and intuitive teaching! You won't find better Instructors anywhere in town! These guys are all trained intensively in NYC!

    Belinda Ting Avatar Belinda Ting
  • Aku ska pilatessss

    Sangat mnyehatkan

    Lira Agustina Lira Avatar Lira Agustina Lira

    If you're looking for Pilates training, look no further! Best Pilates studio by far.

    Judd Sanchez Avatar Judd Sanchez

    Great place. Awesome workout. Song knows his stuff!

    Casey Lai Avatar Casey Lai
  • Best in Town ...

    Vincent Chan Avatar Vincent Chan

    Pure passionate dedication with an intention of wellness and fitness!

    Shannen Tan Avatar Shannen Tan

    Best pilates studio in Singapore!

    Tina Tong Avatar Tina Tong
  • I've always done Pilates on mat but now I love the workout routines on the Reformer even more. At Pilates Flow, each workout will leave me refreshed and toned. The instructors are very well trained as well as very experience and very passionate about the art of Pilates workout.

    Zara Johari Avatar Zara Johari

    Best place for pilates

    Melanie Ong Avatar Melanie Ong

    Greeted by the very friendly owner Song Young who was very patient and helpful. Instructors have been top notched and classes have been great!

    Mark Wu Avatar Mark Wu
  • awesome reviews, awesome place !

    Bryan Lian Avatar Bryan Lian

    Best in the business!

    Tomoki Echigo Avatar Tomoki Echigo

    song lives and breathes pilates

    Stefan Suarez Avatar Stefan Suarez
  • Ask for Song. He's LEGIT.

    Clarence Chiew Avatar Clarence Chiew

    The best Pilates in town for sure!

    Caryn Cheah Hsiao Fen Avatar Caryn Cheah Hsiao Fen

    Good equipment, Great environment, Better Experience

    Tim Oh Avatar Tim Oh
  • what an amazing experience at this studio!!! Cozy, Clean and Attentive Instructors too!!!!

    Maersk Sin Wee Avatar Maersk Sin Wee

    Top notch instructors - very knowledgeable, attentive and approachable. If you are looking for an exceptional Pilates experience, I would highly recommend Flow.

    Nicholas Louis Avatar Nicholas Louis

    Excellent equipment & professional trainers to guide u for a good workout.

    Lincoln Lim Avatar Lincoln Lim
  • Great Pilates place!!

    Shahirah Robinson Avatar Shahirah Robinson

    Great instructors and equipment for Pilates!

    Karyn Lee Avatar Karyn Lee

    Best place for Pilates!

    Sean Tan Juncong Avatar Sean Tan Juncong
  • Very Patient Instructors and certainly worth your time there!

    Audree Koh Avatar Audree Koh

    state of art equipments and very professional trainers .

    Hunter Kian Siang Yap Avatar Hunter Kian Siang Yap

    Great attention to detail and feels like a "custom tailored" experience that constantly challenges you.

    Norman Hartono Avatar Norman Hartono
  • One of the best workouts!!

    Yohan John Kim Avatar Yohan John Kim

    I've been to scores of Pilates studios around the world and Flow easily measures up in my Top 5. While small, it's cozy environment and focus on classical Pilates (staying true to Joseph Pilates methods as closely as possible) earns my recommendation multiple times over.

    Jonathan Chew Avatar Jonathan Chew