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If you are new to Pilates, we would advise you to start off with Individual Sessions using the apparatus to ensure that you fully understand the fundemantals of the method. Pilates exercises are based on precise technique, form, and involves re-educating movement of the body. As such, personal attention by instructors is crucial during the initial learning period to ensure a proper start in your Pilates experience.

The apparatus used in Pilates, such as the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chairs, offer spring-based resistance. They also provide the necessary support to place your body in its proper form in performing the exercises. These benefit you in identifying your powerhouse and learning how to engage and establish movement in your bodies through it.

Exercises conducted in mat classes resemble those done on the apparatus. However, with the absence of spring resistance, they are more challenging to perform correctly via your powerhouse. Joseph Pilate’s original vision was to have the apparatus exercises teaching your body how to work correctly on the mat and it being a progression in that order.

Participants in a Group Mat class should have a basic proficiency in knowing how to engage & initiate body movements through the muscles of their powerhouse.

For new clients to the studio, or to the classical Pilates method, we require them to start with Individual Sessions (1-to-1 sessions) first to fully equip them with these basics and fundamentals before joining a group class setting.

As our Group Mat classes do run at a certain level of pace & difficulty, this is to ensure that your time spent in these classes are not only effective, but more importantly, safe as well.

Pilates exercises done on the apparatus, such as the Reformer, require extremely strict attention to form by an instructor in order for them to be peformed effectively and safely.

In a group setting with multiple participants of different skill levels and body types, it is not always possible to ensure that everyone is moving correctly. We would rather ensure you get the most out of your sessions, rather than try to get as many people into one class as possible.

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