Not All Forms Of Pilates Are The Same!

The popularity of Joseph Pilates’ teachings has grown in recent years, and many fitness studios are now offering Pilates-inspired programs, or in some cases, combining traditional Pilates with exercises from other training systems.

While many different methods of teaching Pilates exist, most studios in Singapore offer contemporary approaches that have distilled or modified Joseph’s original work over time.

To make things worse, there are also many fast-track courses taught over as little as a weekend to qualify fitness professionals in teaching Pilates. In such cases, injuries from clients resulting from being taught this way are commonplace.

What Makes Pilates Flow @2nd Different From The Rest?

At Pilates Flow @2nd, we practice the classical True Pilates method (also fondly known as Romana’s Pilates).  Our philosophy and mission is to maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates’ original work in its purest form, to teach you the way he would have done so himself.

The True Pilates method is different because it refers to the system of exercises that were originally developed and taught by Joseph Pilates, whose unique training regimen has proven itself for more than 80 years as an successful and safe method of exercise for you.

Each of our instructors have undergone what is recognized as the most vigorous Pilates certification program in the world, with the sole dedication of helping you experience how classical Pilates can change your body and life.

But don’t just take our word for it.

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